The Baskerville
Kitchen concept


The property is a 1960’s detached bungalow, with a beautiful stream at the end of the garden. The Stephen Graver building team had carried out major alterations to other parts of the house and the kitchen was to be the final phase.

We were asked to design a kitchen that was to be fitted into the former sitting room. We would then convert the existing kitchen into a smart utility room. We had already converted another room within the house into a sitting room. The key reason for the change was to bring the kitchen into the centre of the home.

The clients visited the Stephen Graver Studio and decided to have a Wolf 48″ range cooker as the main cooking appliance.

They really wanted a wooden kitchen with a modern twist. We made a sample door and frame, using a combination of solid oak and cluster oak panels. Both were very open to the idea of introducing a splash of intense colour. This room would be the main entertainment space within the house and the kitchen furniture to add a touch of theatre.

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