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Pools & Pool Houses

Whether your existing pool is in need of a facelift, or you would like to enhance your poolside space with the addition of a pool house; our experienced team will skillfully craft an outdoor retreat in the comfort of your garden, creating the idyllic social and relaxation haven that you deserve.

Luxury Pool House Creations

The ultimate in luxury, a pool house is exactly as it name describes, a beautiful building in which to house or cover a swimming pool, and usually separate from the main house. Alternatively if you have an outdoor pool, then a pool house- sometimes referred to as a Summer House – creates an outdoor sanctuary in which to relax, enjoy, get changed for swimming, or even retreat in times of bad weather!

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Bespoke Pool House Design

Stephen Graver can build you the perfect pool house! We know what materials to use to prevent weathering of the exterior, whilst avoiding condensation to the interior, and of course achieve a beautiful, stylish look for you to enjoy.
In this example, the former Grade 2* listed building in place was in a poor state of disrepair. But we successfully got the planning required and started work on the refurbishment of the existing pool. Alongside, we built this fabulous new pool house, making excellent use of the available outdoor space.

Swimming Pools

Creating and implementing a successful swimming pool design is a process quite unlike any other. But at Stephen Graver we can manage every aspect from initial design through to completion. We can take care of all technical elements, and create a unique, stylish swimming pool design sympathetic to your outdoor space…So all you need to do is relax, and enjoy!

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What Makes Stephen Graver Unique

Design For The Whole Home

We offer a complete design service for your whole home and garden.

Truly Unique Design

Every Stephen Graver project is truly unique and designed to suit your requirements.

Bespoke Furniture Design

We design and build beautiful, bespoke furniture to your exact specification.

Building Work

Our skilled team are able to carry out any necessary building work, large or small.