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Stephen Graver Outdoor kitchens

Over recent years, and particularly in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a definite increase in demand for outdoor kitchens. Offering a welcome change of scenery from cooking indoors, outdoor kitchen spaces have many benefits. Firstly, they are ideal for entertaining guests! …Less crowded than indoors, where guests tend to gather round the cook, outdoor kitchens create a much more relaxed space for socialising. And cooking on a BBQ or grill tends to be very social in itself – ideal for those who love to entertain whilst whipping up delicious culinary creations all year round.

Build a Lasting Outdoor Kitchen

Invest in a quality outdoor kitchen and you can even increase the value of your home! But to achieve this you must take care with the design; it is essential to include durable materials that will withstand extreme temperatures all year round to maintain your outdoor kitchen’s optimal look and functionality. You must also carefully plan the layout of your outdoor kitchen. For example, how much worktop and storage space is sufficient so you don’t have to keep returning inside? How large a grill do you need? And is the ventilation configured to ensure smoke blows away from your cooking area and guests?

If you are considering an outdoor kitchen then contact Stephen Graver, experts in design and construction of bespoke outdoor furniture.

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Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry

Within this external cedar cladding you will find beautiful, bespoke, fitted cabinetry designed to withstand the elements. In this example the barbecue of choice is a Beefeater Signature 3000S, which features five burners, a tapenyaki plate, a built in analogue temperature, and a lid with a glass viewing window so you can watch your food being cooked to perfection.

Granite worktops have been used to add an air of luxury but we haven’t forgotten the practical touches. It also features a stainless steel sink and tap, wire pull out, and a small but convenient fridge.

What Makes Stephen Graver Unique

Design For The Whole Home

We offer a complete design service for your whole home and garden.

Truly Unique Design

Every Stephen Graver project is truly unique and designed to suit your requirements.

Bespoke Furniture Design

We design and build beautiful, bespoke furniture to your exact specification.

Building Work

Our skilled team are able to carry out any necessary building work, large or small.