Need a Bespoke Kitchen Showroom in Chippenham?

Bespoke Kitchens in Chippenham

If you’re looking fobespoke kitchen showroom in Chippenham, then look no further than Stephen Graver in Wiltshire. Yes, we’re a little further away than your closest kitchen showroom in Chippenham, but given what we can offer, we know we’re worth the extra distance, and our kitchen showroom alone is a true wonder! With both our factory and kitchen showroom in Wiltshire, we are less than 30 minutes from Chippenham, which means Stephen Graver are excellently placed to assist you in developing and delivering your dream bespoke kitchen scheme 

Bespoke kitchen showroom in Chippenham - Stephen Graver
Bespoke kitchens in Bath- Stephen Graver Wiltshire

Specialist kitchen design in Chippenham

At Stephen Graver we specialise in fully bespoke home furniture, whether for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, pool houses, and more. A carpenter with an outstanding knowledge and skillset, Stephen has an eye for design and detail; Coupled with the drive to give each of his clients exactly what they want, this results in truly exquisite and very personal designsPut simply, whilst there are plenty of other kitchen showrooms in Chippenham and the surrounding area, there really is no one else quite like Stephen. We keep up with changing kitchen trends and design influences, and offer every style you might expect ranging from wood, matt, shaker, etc. But unlike most kitchen retailers, there is no limit on what we can create for you; So, whether it’s a specific style, colour, or size you require, we know we can achieve this to the exact specifications of your family, as well as the intended space. 

Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that there no standard sizes or finishes- so whilst we have a vast range of samples and images for inspiration; the limits are only the technical feasibility and your imagination! We have created many classic English kitchens exhibiting the very highest standards of traditional English carpentry; but equally, we have the skills and flexibility to produce designs with more contemporary features- or indeed which are thoroughly modern. When it comes to kitchen design, Stephen also takes time to truly understand his clients and what they want and need for their homes. He understands materials, how best to use them (and how not to) and he will always look for new and exciting design opportunities.  After all, you are unique, and your home should be too! 

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Bespoke kitchens in Bath- Stephen Graver Wiltshire

Our Kitchen Showroom Near Chippenham

Even prior to manufacture, our bespoke kitchens are already quite exceptional, as they are engineered from Marine plywood, the same resilient and lasting material used within the manufacture of boats. Giving our kitchens unrivalled strength, this is reflected in the finished product, ensuring a quality kitchen look and feel that will last for future generations to come. To experience this in person we welcome all showroom visitors into our onsite Wiltshire factory at the time of their appointment. Here, you can experience the quality, care and attention vested in each and every piece of furniture we makeOur facilities combine excellent machinery with exceptional handcraftsmanship and decades of knowledge; all the requirements to bestow your home with a truly bespoke kitchen 

A Turnkey Approach to Design & Installation

Perhaps uniquely, our team can undertake all elements of design and construction for your new kitchen; this includes kitchens as part of a larger project involving an extension or major renovationTime and again our clients have valued the ‘turnkey approach,’ not just for the timely execution and exacting detail, but for the reduced stress and workload on the client that always comes from managing multiple trades and contractors 

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Bespoke kitchens in Bath- Stephen Graver Wiltshire

Respecting our Localities

Located in the outskirts of Steeple Ashton in Wiltshire, we have designed and installed many kitchens across Wiltshire and the wider area; this includes bespoke kitchens in Chippenham, Bath, Bristol, Trowbridge, Salisbury, Swindon, Weston-Super-Mare, and moreAnd with 35 conservation areas in Chippenham and North Summerset, our team well understand the importance of working with, rather than against planners; we always do our best to ensure our design schemes for your new kitchen or extension are respectful, sympathetic, and harmonious with their surroundings

In Summary:

There are a lot of advantages in working with Stephen Graver for your new bespoke kitchen in Chippenham:- 

  • You are not limited to predefined ranges. We can source myriad wood species, stain woods, or paint them in unique colours. We can source different textures of wood finish- from rough cut to ultra-smooth with transparent lacquers.  
  • Beyond wood we have a wide range of acrylics and other finishes, as well as a huge range of architectural ironmongery, lighting, and accessories that can be combined to produce your own unique, bespoke kitchen. 
  • We aren’t limited by set sizes- so when designing a kitchen for your Georgian home in Chippenham, built in a time long before the millimetre, we can design to exactly fit and make best use of your space. 
  • We are used to working with local planners and building control in Chippenham, helping ensure your project progresses smoothly and on time.  
  • Our services encompass more than just your kitchen furniture; we can design, manufacture, and install complimentary furniture for adjacent spaces to ensure continuity and harmony. 
  • We offer a turnkey concept-to-completion service not just for bespoke kitchens, but also for larger renovation or extension projects- all expertly planned and executed within one roof.  
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Bespoke kitchens in Bath- Stephen Graver Wiltshire

Contact Stephen Graver

Whether you are looking for a bespoke kitchen in Chippenham, or even somewhere further afield, our clients regularly feedback that we are worth travelling for, to meet Stephen and embark on a journey that is inspiring, creative, rewarding, and of course, enjoyable too!